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URLy v0.8.8 is available

A new version of URLy is now available on the Android market (scan the QR code on the right or search for “URLy” in market):

With this version you can now produce QR codes (just like the one on the right) that will lead to the URL you want to share.

So, let’s say you want to share a long URL like “https://mndroid.wordpress.com/urly/what-is-urly/” using f2.am as shortening service. Instead of creating an f2.am URL that leads directly to the long URL, you can now optionally create a URL that leads to a QR code representing the long URL. To do this, just enter a long URL as usual but instead of pressing “Shorten!”, press menu -> “Send QR URL”. Easy. 🙂

You can also send a QR code as image file, without using any shortening service. Press menu –> “Send QR file” and an image file with your QR code will be downloaded. After that, the share dialog will automatically open so that the QR code image can be attached to an E-Mail, MMS, or forwarded to any other application that can handle files.

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