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URLy v0.9.0 is available

A new version of URLy is now available on the Android market (scan the QR code on the right or search for “URLy” in market):

Now you can share local images with URLy: Send an image from your media gallery or from any other app that supports sharing of images. URLy will upload the local image to http://img.i7m.de, a free and fast online image sharing service. The URL that leads to the image will be received and automatically be shortened with URLy, so that you can send a URL of your local image withouth having to send the image itself. The unshortened, original URL at http://img.i7m.de will be anonymous and quite long, so that it can’t be guessed by someone who is not intended to view the image.

To test this new feature, go to your media gallery, select an image, press menu -> share -> URLy. After the image is uploaded to http://img.i7m.de, URLy will automatically open to shorten and forward the image URL. You can also send the image URL as a QR code as described below.

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