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URLy v0.9.2: Introducing URLy API

I just released v0.9.2 of URLy and it now comes with a simple API that can be used by other app developers to shorten a long URL via URLy. If you are not a developer, this update has no new features for you.

So, if you are a developer and want to shorten a URL in your own app, but don’t want to go through all the hassle of writing the necessary code yourself, you can just pass the URL to URLy via an intent. URLy will shorten it with the service that you passed along and your app will receive a boolean to indicate whether the shortening process was successful or not, the short URL and, if any errors occurred, a detailed error message about what went wrong.

For more details and examples about how to start the intent and how to receive and interpret the results, go to the new URLy API section. You will find screenshots of a very basic app that uses URLy to shorten URLs.

Why would anyone integrate URLy in his own app? Well, there are several situations in which this makes sense. For example, imagine you write a Twitter app and want to allow your users to shorten URLs. You could write the code to shorten the URL by yourself, or you could just pass the long URL to URLy. You can pass along the service you want to use, so you could even give your users the choice to use any service they prefer. And: The integration into your app is pretty much seamless. After calling the intent, a nice and small progress window is shown which disappears automatically after shortening. So, no annoying new window that the users will have to close – they never leave your app (see screenshots for examples).

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