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URLy v0.9.3: support

2010/04/01 Leave a comment

With URLy v0.9.3 you have now a second choice for sharing local images. Select Imageshack in the preferences and send images to URLy: It will automatically be uploaded to Imageshack and you can share the URL of the image in other apps, without having to send the image itself. If you enter your Imageshack user credentials, the images will automatically be added to you Imageshack user account.

Optionally, you can also also select an option to receive a Yfrog URL instead of the Imageshack URL.

The upload to Imageshack is still experimental. If you experience any problems please let me know.

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URLy v0.9.2: Introducing URLy API

2010/03/31 Leave a comment

I just released v0.9.2 of URLy and it now comes with a simple API that can be used by other app developers to shorten a long URL via URLy. If you are not a developer, this update has no new features for you.

So, if you are a developer and want to shorten a URL in your own app, but don’t want to go through all the hassle of writing the necessary code yourself, you can just pass the URL to URLy via an intent. URLy will shorten it with the service that you passed along and your app will receive a boolean to indicate whether the shortening process was successful or not, the short URL and, if any errors occurred, a detailed error message about what went wrong.

For more details and examples about how to start the intent and how to receive and interpret the results, go to the new URLy API section. You will find screenshots of a very basic app that uses URLy to shorten URLs.

Why would anyone integrate URLy in his own app? Well, there are several situations in which this makes sense. For example, imagine you write a Twitter app and want to allow your users to shorten URLs. You could write the code to shorten the URL by yourself, or you could just pass the long URL to URLy. You can pass along the service you want to use, so you could even give your users the choice to use any service they prefer. And: The integration into your app is pretty much seamless. After calling the intent, a nice and small progress window is shown which disappears automatically after shortening. So, no annoying new window that the users will have to close – they never leave your app (see screenshots for examples).

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URLy v0.9.0 is available

2010/03/29 Leave a comment

A new version of URLy is now available on the Android market (scan the QR code on the right or search for “URLy” in market):

Now you can share local images with URLy: Send an image from your media gallery or from any other app that supports sharing of images. URLy will upload the local image to, a free and fast online image sharing service. The URL that leads to the image will be received and automatically be shortened with URLy, so that you can send a URL of your local image withouth having to send the image itself. The unshortened, original URL at will be anonymous and quite long, so that it can’t be guessed by someone who is not intended to view the image.

To test this new feature, go to your media gallery, select an image, press menu -> share -> URLy. After the image is uploaded to, URLy will automatically open to shorten and forward the image URL. You can also send the image URL as a QR code as described below.

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URLy v0.8.8 is available

2010/03/26 Leave a comment

A new version of URLy is now available on the Android market (scan the QR code on the right or search for “URLy” in market):

With this version you can now produce QR codes (just like the one on the right) that will lead to the URL you want to share.

So, let’s say you want to share a long URL like “” using as shortening service. Instead of creating an URL that leads directly to the long URL, you can now optionally create a URL that leads to a QR code representing the long URL. To do this, just enter a long URL as usual but instead of pressing “Shorten!”, press menu -> “Send QR URL”. Easy. 🙂

You can also send a QR code as image file, without using any shortening service. Press menu –> “Send QR file” and an image file with your QR code will be downloaded. After that, the share dialog will automatically open so that the QR code image can be attached to an E-Mail, MMS, or forwarded to any other application that can handle files.

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URLy v0.8.7 available

2010/03/25 Leave a comment

I just published a new update for URLy.

New feature: is added as a shortening service.

Check changelog for other new features from previous releases.

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It’s alive!!

2010/03/23 Leave a comment

Today I released the very first version of URLy, a customizable, easy to use and convenient URL shortening app. I’m running out of time today, so you will find more information about URLy in the next days, including description, screenshots and changelogs.

Please, fell free to leave a comment.

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